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Self Help

Nonviolent Communication

Nonviolent Communication shows us how to have healthy relationships through openly and honestly communicating our observations, feelings, needs and requests. This book can help us move past dysfunctional communication habits we learned growing up including guilt tripping, being passive aggressive, blaming, labelling and judging others as good or bad.
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The Prosperous Coach

The Prosperous Coach will help you create a coaching business that is profitable AND fulfilling. You'll learn how to create clients through giving a powerful experience of coaching. Steve and Rich also share their best tips to become disciplined, charge higher fees and sell with confidence.
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Propaganda is controlling how the public SEES a business, group or idea. Edward Bernays says understanding propaganda will help you better understand democracy and human nature. And you'll learn to USE propaganda to spread your ideas and build a professional reputation to attract more business.
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Contagious is a must-read book for marketers who want to create viral advertising. Jonah Berger reveals how you can create marketing that gets remembered and messages that get shared. The 6 principles are: social currency, triggers, emotion, public, practical value, and stories.
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Pre-Suasion is a new side of influence: it's about everything that happens BEFORE you ask someone to say yes to you. Professor Cialdini has distilled hundreds of studies to show that how you FRAME a discussion from the beginning is crucial to success.