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Some more of our popular titles:

Business & Finance
Think and Grow Rich is a classic self help book, based on Napoleon Hill interviewing 500 millionaires including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison. He says the formula for riches is first having a burning desire for them, then following a definite plan and having faith that plan will succeed.
classic, motivational, personal finance, success
Self Help & Psychology
Man's Search for Meaning was written after Viktor Frankl survived the concentration camps of WW2. He noticed that his fellow prisoners who could find purpose and meaning in their suffering found the strength to survive, while others perished. This book is also a guide to finding meaning in your life.
classic, happiness, philosophy, psychology
Self Help & Psychology
The Four Agreements shows how to love yourself more, not take things personally, and heal your relationships. Don Miguel Ruiz shares wisdom from the indigenous Mexican Toltec culture to help us stop living in this false "dream" of social rules, expectations and judgments.
emotional healing, motivational, new age, relationships, spirituality
Business & Finance
Rich Dad Poor Dad is Robert Kiyosaki's story of growing up with a "Poor Dad" (his middle class biological father) and a "Rich Dad" (his best friend's father and a savvy entrepreneur). Kiyosaki learned rich people buy assets that make them money, rather than working for an income.
investing, personal finance, success
Health & Science
Why We Sleep communicates the critical importance of sleep. Modern people don't know that getting less than 7-8 hours of sleep daily can cause dozens of serious problems for mental and physical health. Matthew Walker first helps you understand how sleep works, then how to get better sleep.
neuroscience, science
Self Help & Psychology
Atomic Habits shows how each of our habits, good or bad, follow the 4 steps of The Habit Loop: Cue, Craving, Response and Reward. More importantly, this book shows how we can hack these 4 steps using practical techniques backed by scientific studies and colorful anecdotes.
bestselling now, habits, productivity, self discipline

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