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The Way of Zen Summary
The Way of Zen by Alan Watts
4.7 at Amazon 1957
Japan • buddhism • meditation • philosophy • religion • spirituality • zen
The Way of Zen is a comprehensive introduction to Zen Buddhism, including the history and practices. Alan Watts explains how the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taoism combined with Indian Buddhism to form Zen. He also shares many practices of Zen such as meditation, koans, and arts.
The War of Art Summary
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
4.6 at Amazon 2002
creativity • productivity • self discipline • writing
The War of Art explains how you can do more creative work and overcome your procrastination, distraction, and paralysis. Steven Pressfield says inside all of us is Resistance, a tricky enemy that sabotages our dreams, and it is the source of our fears, doubts, excuses, and poor habits.
Traction Summary
Traction by Gino Wickman
4.6 at Amazon 2007
entrepreneur • management • strategy
Traction explains an 'operating system' that can help entrepreneurs achieve more control and organization in your business. Gino Wickman has assembled many practical management tools including: a 10-year vision, a people-grading chart, a data dashboard, a systems documentation method, and 90-day priorities called "Rocks."
The 5 Love Languages Summary
The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman
4.8 at Amazon 1992
family • love • relationships
The 5 Love Languages is about helping you better connect in your marriage or relationship. Gary Chapman says people are very different in what makes them feel loved. He explains 5 'languages' of love that are basically: words, time, gifts, service, and touch.
Propaganda Summary
Propaganda by Edward Bernays
4.6 at Amazon 1928
media • politics • power • psychology
Propaganda is an eye-opening look at how public opinion can be manipulated through media, for political power and profit. Edward Bernays says that in politics, an "invisible government" of thought leaders shape public discussion. And in business, companies use "public relations" techniques to control their reputation.
To Sell Is Human Summary
To Sell Is Human by Daniel Pink
4.5 at Amazon 2012
career • negotiation • sales
To Sell Is Human is about "non-sales selling" or, how to persuade others. Daniel Pink argues that sales skills are more essential than ever because "moving others" has become a part of most careers and businesses. His advice centers on the new ABCs: Attunement, Buoyancy and Clarity.
1984 Summary
1984 by George Orwell
4.7 at Amazon 1949
fiction • literature • media • philosophy • politics
1984 is a novel about a terrifying future where everyone is controlled by a totalitarian political "Party" led by "Big Brother." George Orwell predicted many real-life methods of government overreach including: strict censorship, mass surveillance, "Thought Police," manipulation of language, and rewriting history.
SPIN Selling Summary
SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham
4.5 at Amazon 1988
negotiation • sales
SPIN Selling is a framework for sales conversations, it is especially useful for selling higher-priced products and services. Neil Rackham conducted research that found the most effective salespeople ask four specific types of questions. SPIN is an acronym for these questions: Situation, Problem, Implication and Need-payoff.


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