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Food of the Gods Summary
Food of the Gods by Terence McKenna
4.7 at Amazon 1992
history • morality • psychedelics • science
Food of the Gods says psilocybin mushrooms were responsible for the unusually fast evolutionary growth of the human brain. Also it talks about how our relationships to psychoactive plants (including caffeine, sugar and alcohol) shaped human cultures. Finally, how we may restore personal, social and ecological balance in the world.
The Plant Paradox Summary
The Plant Paradox by Dr. Steven R Gundry
4.4 at Amazon 2017
food • nutrition • weight loss
The Plant Paradox says lectins are bad. Lectins are proteins hidden in some plants like grains, beans and tomatoes. Dr. Gundry claims they cause many health problems rampant today (like obesity, diabetes and autoimmune diseases) and if you avoid lectin-producing plants, you will lose weight, live longer and feel better.
Man’s Search For Meaning Summary
Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor Frankl
4.7 at Amazon 1946
classic • happiness • inspirational • philosophy • psychology
Man's Search for Meaning was written after Viktor Frankl survived the concentration camps of WW2. He noticed that his fellow prisoners who could find purpose and meaning in their suffering found the strength to survive, while others perished. This book is also a guide to finding meaning in your life.
The Art of The Deal Summary
The Art of The Deal by Donald Trump
4.6 at Amazon 1987
billionaire • biography • negotiation • sales • trending
The Art of The Deal is not a how-to book. You get an inside look at big deals Donald Trump made in the 1980s building his empire, including Trump Tower. Whether you love or hate Trump, you'll learn a lot about sales, publicity and negotiation.
The Prosperous Coach Summary
The Prosperous Coach by Steve Chandler and Rich Litvin
4.8 at Amazon 2013
communication • sales
The Prosperous Coach will help you create a coaching business that is profitable AND fulfilling. You'll learn how to create clients through giving a powerful experience of coaching. Steve and Rich also share their best tips to become disciplined, charge higher fees and sell with confidence.
Total Recall Summary
Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger
4.6 at Amazon 2012
Hollywood • biography • motivational • self discipline
Total Recall is a dream immigrant success story, but Arnold shares his many mistakes and flaws, too. People said he couldn't succeed because he had a strong accent and no money or connections. But by the end, you'll believe someone with a plan and determination can succeed in almost anything.


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