Pat Flynn

After he was fired from his job as an architect, Pat Flynn started studying for the LEED architecture exam. Then he created a website called to help other students study for this same exam. Soon this website was receiving thousands of visitors per day, attracted by the quality of Pat’s articles.

Some of these visitors loved Pat’s helpful website so much they asked if he would releases a course or study guide they could buy. So that’s what he did. He wrote an ebook about how to pass the LEED exam and sold it on his website for $19.99. Anybody could buy the guide from Pat’s website and download it immediately.

Well, Pat was amazed because the first month he earned over $7000 from his guide! He was so excited he started blogging about his online business adventures at the Smart Passive Income blog.Pat specializes teaching how to grow passive income businesses. This means the business makes money on its own, even when you are sleeping.

His Smart Passive Income Podcast episodes have now received millions of downloads, and he makes six figures PER MONTH through his websites. Best of all, Pat is very transparent with how he makes his money, writing monthly income reports. His honesty, combined with the usefulness of his articles, have helped him build a massive audience that wants to start or grow their own online business.

Soon he was making even more money recommending products and software to his Smart Passive Income audience. And later he started more websites related to security guard training and starting a food truck.

There are many ways you can create your own passive income business. Most of the methods Pat teaches come down to attracting people to your website through blogging, podcasting, Youtubing, etc… then selling them an ebook, an online course, or making sales commissions selling other people’s products as an affiliate marketer.

Pat Flynn Recommended Books

On the Read to Lead Podcast, Pat mentioned two of his favorite books. The first one was:

  • Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath – (my note on this book is coming soon, in the meantime you can also check out Contagious which is a similar book).
  • Stand and Deliver by Carnegie Training Institute – Pat says this book helped him get over his fear of public speaking.
  • Will It Fly? – This is Pat’s own new book, showing how you can start an online business from scratch.

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